….diligently praying for those who faithfully serve.

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USA Prayer Forces

….diligently praying for those who faithfully serve.

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On the morning of September 11, 2001, while the world watched television reports of the heroic efforts of firefighters and various law enforcement after the attack on the Twin Towers, we realized those people appeared to be consumed with their duties.  They each reacted in the most selfless manner we had ever witnessed. We marveled at the consistent dedication and sacrificial hard work. It seemed nothing mattered except the goal of rescuing every victim trapped or injured.

After days of meditating on the revelations we had become aware of, it appeared the Lord had given us insight into the most unappreciated sector of civil service: law enforcement and firefighters.

The idea for U.S.A. Prayer Forces was born, we started with our first chapter in Marshall, Texas and are ready to expand to your community. Contact us today to learn how your church or organization can be a part of helping to protect those that help and serve the community. 

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