Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming an essential part of the Marshall Prayer Force team. The basis of this ministry is uncomplicated but the effects have been remarkable and the rewards are eternal.  “A friend loves at all times..”  Proverbs 17:17

Please understand that an important part of your efforts will be in publicly displaying your personal Marshall Prayer Force rear window decal on your automobile.  This is to honor, in public, those for whom we are praying for in private.  By placing this on your rear window, you are saying, “I am pleased to be a part of the Marshall Prayer Force and proclaiming my respect for our civil servants.”  You may imagine an officer or firefighter having a bad day then seeing your decal will remind them that someone, maybe you, are earnestly praying for them.  Many we pray for have commented that they notice them all around the area.  These decals are available when you become a prayer member.

1) Constant safety for the person assigned to you as well as their family at home.
2) Quick wisdom in every decision-making situation with supernatural self-control.
3) The desire and ability for an unhindered transition from all the emotional and physical demands of the job into a peaceful, happy and prosperous family time.

 These may be elaborated on in your prayer time but please do not neglect these essential points as they cover every area of concern for those who have asked for prayer.

The actual prayer is more elaborate and is sent after you apply.

 Shortly after we receive your application, you may expect a prayer assignment via e-mail.  If you want a window decal, you must include your mailing address in order to receive the official U.S.A. Prayer Forces decal to display on your vehicle.

I understand the importance of my commitment and agree to these three points: *

I will pray for my assignment every day with all diligence.

Only God and I will know the name of the person I am praying for.

I will not attempt to contact the person assigned to me.

USA Prayer Forces

Annually, we gather for a non-denominational banquet the last Saturday evening in January.  This event is to celebrate that our prayers have been answered as well as enjoy the fellowship of other Christians.  During the evening you may have an opportunity meet the person you have been praying for all year or in past years because everyone being prayed for attends if they are not on duty.  We always enjoy great fellowship as we gather for this special event.  Until that time, please commit to this ministry in a confidential and spiritual manner by following the established guidelines listed above.  I pray God’s best for you as you minister in this way. 

- Dee Farmer


Below is the prayer for the first responder, you will receive his or her name via email shortly. Please come back any time you would like to review this prayer. Click on the button below for a printable version.

Almighty God, today I request Your favor upon

_______________________________     of the      _______________________________

I fervently ask that You keep him and his family safe in Your care as You place a hedge of protection around them.

Give him abundant wisdom in every decision-making situation.  I ask that You combine that wisdom with supernatural self-control when difficult challenges arise.

Grant him the desire and the ability to transition from all the physical and emotional demands of the job into a peaceful, prosperous, and happy family time.

Lord, through these answered prayers allow him to feel Your love and guidance as well as our love and appreciation through this ministry You have ordained for good to all.