On the morning of September 11, 2001, while the world watched television reports of the heroic efforts of firefighters and various law enforcement after the attack on the Twin Towers, I realized those people appeared to be consumed with their duties.  They each reacted in the most selfless manner I had ever witnessed. I marveled at the consistent dedication and sacrificial hard work. It seemed nothing mattered except the goal of rescuing every victim trapped or injured.

After days of meditating on the revelations I had become aware of, it appeared the Lord had given me insight into the most unappreciated sector of civil service: law enforcement and firefighters.  

Historically,  those who uphold the law have been feared and most often unappreciated.  The average citizen generally regards them as a necessary nuisance.  When an individual is rescued or protected by an officer or firefighter, they experience a measure of gratitude.  Many times, the admiration diminishes and lives go on as normal.  

Due to the overwhelming conviction that something good could come of the revelation, we began to form an interdenominational ministry strictly devoted to prayer for law enforcement and firefighters.

As more pastors learned about the idea, the group began to grow.  From the beginning, the county sheriff, chiefs of police and fire departments, as well as, state troopers gave their approval of the ministry.

Demonstrating appreciation has never been less complicated than joining The Prayer Force.  Our God makes all these things easy when we allow Him to work through us.  

This ministry is as powerful as the individual prayer warrior and his commitment to the mission and vision.  Every Christian church is welcome to adopt The Prayer Force as its own ministry. United, demonstrating Godly love for one another and respect for authority, we will continue to make a difference in this community and beyond.

Thus, we are:  ….diligently praying for those who faithfully serve.
Romans 13    I Timothy 2:1-3


To organize Christians in the community who will commit to pray daily for the person assigned to them.  Members of the Police Department, Sheriff's Office, Fire Department and Texas Department of Public Safety sign up annually to request this individual prayer covering.

Our prayer focus is for constant safety of the one being prayed for as well as the family at home, quick wisdom in every decision-making situation with supernatural self-control and an unhindered transition from all the physical and emotional demands of the job into a peaceful, happy and prosperous family time.  

We will achieve this solemn task through personal integrity, strict confidentiality and trust in the unconditional love of God.


To seek change in the prevailing social attitude of disregard and obvious disrespect toward those we pray for who have been placed in authority.  

This responsibility will be accomplished through faithful private prayer.  We will also display The Prayer Force window decals on our vehicles to publicly show our appreciation to the men and women who serve us so well.  Each of them will be encouraged when they see these decals as they travel about performing their duties.

"On behalf of the members of Prayer Force U.S.A., thank you for visiting our website. 


Please contact me if you have any questions which are not addressed here.

​My personal mission is to assist Christian pastors and prayer leaders of every city and town in establishing a dedicated Prayer Force serving your local firefighters and sworn peace officers."

Dee Farmer, Founder/ Director